Ireland Unveils 4 Year Budget Details, Riots Imminent

A bunch of completely irrelevant numbers released by Ireland. At best these will achieve nothing but will kick the can down a few more months. At worst violent rioting will be a daily occurrence in Dublin within a week.

Ireland Gets €85 Billion, As ECB-Germany Schism Becomes Acute

From RTE "The EU and the IMF will offer the Government an €85bn facility, which can be used to recapitalise the banks and fund the public finances. The EU and the IMF will offer the Government an €85bn facility, which can be used to recapitalise the banks and fund the public finances. The package would see the level of capital in the Irish banks being increased from eight to 12% in a move to bolster confidence of depositors in the financial system." This could well be too little, too late. The bank run has already started. And just to confirm that the schism between the ECB and Germany is now likely insourmountable, Nowotny said that he is 'irritated' with Merkel's remarks on the serious situation for EUR. Why, of course Ewald- nobody wants to hear the sad truth that you will be unemployed within a year.

What Will Happen To Ireland (And Various MNCs) When Ireland Is Finally Forced To Hike Tax Rates?

One of today's sad conclusions about today's Irish bailout is that despite numerous lies to the contrary, the country's corporate tax rate, that staple which has allowed so many corporations to skirt the record US corporate tax rate, is about to be hiked. The bailout ink on Irish pre-foreclosure mortgage note was not even dry (and you bet Bank of America is not going to lose this one) and already the European Commissioner for Economic and Monetary Affairs Olli Rehn showed the now insolvent island who's boss: "When asked in an interview with RTÉ News if the corporate tax rate was now off the table for good, Mr Rehn said that by Ireland's ceasing to be a low tax country this did not imply specific measures, but 'it is likely unfortunately to imply tax increases." Ironically, the biggest losers in this transition to a higher tax rate would be various multi national corporations, as was observed yesterday, while the biggest gainers would be other European states, which would be on a more competitive footing with Ireland when it comes to attracting foreign direct investment and new business domiciles. And since banks such as Bank of America and Citigroup would be among some of the legal tax evasion losers, it was only a matter of time before Citi provided the following reasoning for why Ireland would either not allow a corporate tax hike (we are confident this is inevitable), or why any benefits from such an action would be de minimis (this appears far more reasonable).

Jim Rogers: "Ireland Should Go Bankrupt"

In this interview with the RT, Jim Rogers says what everyone except a few bankers and corrupt politicians know to be the case: namely, that Ireland should go bankrupt. Instead, the government is forcing the country into a tough spot, where social tensions are flaring, and could erupt into an all out social conflict, confirming that the interests of its people is the last thing the Irish government cares about, and is only concerned about preserving what is now virtually proven to be a failed model (even JPM said so), and prevent losses at all major German and English banks. Quote Rogers: "It would teach everybody a good lesson, and in the end Europe would be stronger for it, and the EUR would be stronger... You can not spend staggering amounts of money that you don't have of other people's money that you don't have because somebody has to pay the piper. This is ludicrous. This will cripple the Irish economy for years to come. In the future Ireland will be crippled because everything they earn will go to pay off old debt. There is no reason why taxpayers around Europe or in Ireland should pay for other people's mistakes. The bondholders and the stockholders of banks should lose money"... So simple, yet so irrelevant when dealing with a dying economic model.

Moody's Expects Multi-Notch Downgrade Of Ireland, As Green Party Abdication Sends Irish CDS Wider On Day

Earlier today Moody's finally woke up from its slumber, threatening it would do a "multi-notch downgrade, albeit one that would leave the country still with an investment grade rating", which the people who have made a business model of being behind the curve said is now the most likely outcome of the review of Ireland's sovereign credit rating. Moody's (which rates Ireland Aa2 and has the country on review for downgrade) said that an aid package from the European Union and the International Monetary Fund would shift the burden of supporting Ireland's banks onto the Irish sovereign, and would therefore be "a credit negative for Ireland." Apparently bankruptcy is not covered under the "credit negatives" for Ireland. And while what Moody's does or thinks is completely irrelevant, what the Irish Green party (whose prior opinion we presented in a very distinct clip last night) has announced it will quit the Irish government in January, leaving PM Brian Cowen without a majority in the government, and leaving the door open for elections, and thus a complete undoing of the bailout. Looks like yesterday's announcement will be the shortest rescue in history. CDS is already seeing that, as Irish CDS was last seen lifting offers of 520 and wider, after a 507 close on Friday. And Futures already following the action. It will be another busy day for Brian Sack.

Full Text Of Irish Government/Eurogroup Statements On Ireland Bailout

The Government today agreed to request financial support from the European Union and the Euro Area Members States. The IMF will also be requested to assist in the provision of support. The Government welcomes the agreement reached at the Eurogroup meeting today that providing assistance to Ireland is warranted to safeguard financial stability in the EU and in the Euro Area...

Ireland Sells Out Its People To UK, Germany Bankers, Will Apply For Rescue Tonight

And so the can has been kicked down the road one more time as Ireland's Brian Lenihan has just sold out his country to the IMF, the ECB and the Fed for a few extra years of puppet control. RTE reports that EU Finance Ministers are due to hold a conference call later this evening during which Ireland is expected to make a formal request for a financial rescue package. What is not discussed is how the Irish people, now likely furious at being manipulated over a lost cause will express their anger over being the latest sheep used to bail out Europe's ever more insolvent banking system. They can at least sleep soundly, that they won't be the last. After today's rescue of Ireland, the vigilantes will focus their undivided attention on Portugal and Spain - perhaps these two countries will be a little less timid when it comes to rescuing Germany's banking oligarchy.

Watch The European Union Press Conference Over Ireland (And Other Things) Live

This is so deja vu of the EU press conference when the Greek bailout was announced on Sunday, May 9. Although this time there is no silver lining, as no deal has been reached. Anyway, here is the link for the EU press conference which so far is agenda-less so anything could be announced... or nothing.

Stubborn Ireland Refuses To Yield To European Banking Interests, And Exchange Senior Note Recoveries For Austerity

Contrary to CNBC's interpretations of Irish PM Cowen's speech that the leader may have opened a door, or is "clearing the political space" for a bailout, the Irish Times has a completely opposite take on the speech, one that confirms that no matter how hard Ireland is pushed by Europe and Fed interests to exchange par recoveries to the bankers for austerity, it has so far refused to bend. To wit: "Speaking in the Dail Mr Cowen reiterated that Ireland had made no
application for external support and said there had been some
ill-informed and inaccurate” speculation about the Government seeking a
bailout in recent days." Which of course is not to say that lack of liquidity will not end up crushing the mostly foreign banks domiciled in Ireland (which has enough funds to hold it through next summer, by which time Portugal, Italy and possibly core countries will have long been bailed out). Nonetheless, we can certainly hope that Ireland stays the course and refuses to betray its public in exchange for a few more years of debt-induced slavery, something which our own monetary authority has no problems doing.