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    03/01/2015 - 23:51
    Clearly if Western governments were ‘merely’ drowning in debt-to-GDP ratios of roughly 100%, then theycould still argue that attempting to manage these debt-loads was legitimate rather than...


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A Greek, An Austrian And An Irishman Enter A Bailout Bar... Ireland Joins The 2nd Round European Collapse Brigade

Just in case you needed some more validation for a "strong" Euro thesis, the latest bit of news out of Europe shows that all those problems that were initially swept under the rug, just like in a crappy Japanese horror movie, find a way to reach out and haunt Central Bankers worldwide. First the Baltics, then Greece, then Austria, and now, once again, Ireland. 50% state ownership of Ireland's two leading banks is now on deck. To keep this as surreal as possible, may we suggest that Fred "Iceman" Mishkin quit his job in Columbia where all he does is spread completely factual and thoroughly undiscredited economic non-bullshit and run for [president/despot/tyrant/monarch/steam spewing geyser] of Iceland.

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Ireland Cut To AA+ By Fitch

Nothing to see here... Keep buying stocks.

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