Is A -0.5 Correlation Of Oil To Stocks Indicative Of A Market Top?

Reuters presents an interesting chart, which shows the historical correlation between oil (both Brent and Crude) and equities. After we had seen a positive correlation, either weak or strong, between the commodity and the risk asset for two and a half years, the correlation has finally flipped and gone negative. And while many debate whether or not the WTI is relevant at all any more with all the factors that have caused a record spread between it and Brent, one thing is obvious: the last time WTI to Stocks hit a correlation of -0.5 is just after the market peaked in late 2007, early 2008, as the market had started its decline which culminated with the global sell off of everything not nailed down, bringing the S&P to 666. The correlation between the two assets is again -0.5. If Brent confirms the WTI correlation, it may be time to run.