At $1.3 Billion, Insider Sales Surge To Highest Of 2011, Double Last Week's Total

The latest S&P 500 insider buys/sells report is out, and it is more of the same. Looking at the 8 inside purchases for a total of $21.4 million one may say that the buying interest was not too shabby. That is until one realizes that there was one purchase for $20.2 million by News Corp insider skewing the entire distribution. Where the fun was, however, is as usual on the selling side, where insiders dumped the biggest amount of shares so far in 2011, selling over $1.3 billion worth of stock (a 61.4x insider buying to selling ratio), which was nearly double last week's $749 million. The biggest selling: MSFT ($417 million), Nasdaq ($268 million), and, surprise, Juniper at ($65 million) and AutoNation ($30.5 million). In other words, with each artificial uptick in the market, we see a new YTD record pick up in selling. With that in mind, remember that the S&P will hit a fresh all time high before the end of June. Cause Bernanke said so.

Source: Bloomberg