Alan Grayson And Ron Paul Ask Whether Bernanke Is "Fit To Serve"

Even as Grayson fights for transparency (see full letter below) which would only be beneficial to U.S. taxpayers, of whom Maria Bartiromo is a member of, the latter asks Grayson the following highly logical question:

You think you and your colleagues in the Democratic party are going to slow down the spending? Perhaps that could help the deficit?

Probing questions from the world's foremost business news leader.


So anyway, sticking to the subject, here is the warranted list of information that Grayson and Paul have demanded to be produced by the Fed in order to evaluate whether or not the Chairman with a dollar deathwish deserves a second term:

  • Information that Bloomberg reporter Mark Pittman has requested via a Freedom of Information Act Request on the Bear Stearns rescue and that the Federal Reserve is contesting in the courts,[i] and which Manhattan Chief U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska has ordered by turned over by the Federal Resrve.
  • Information that Rep. Grayson requested in February at a hearing and by follow-up letter on which institutions received the $1.2 trillion added to the Federal Reserve’s balance sheet, how much reach institution received, and what was promised in return.
  • All Federal Reserve documents that went to Attorney General Andrew Cuomo’s office relating to the Bank of America/Merrill Lynch merger in which potentially illegal and coercive activity might have occurred, as well all Federal Reserve documents relating to the lawsuit pursued by Merrill Lynch shareholders in the US District court for the Southern District of New York.
  • Transcripts of all Open Market Meeting Minutes up to and including that of June, 2009, transcripts which are normally withheld from the public for five years.
  • Full disclosure of all terms and conditions of all off-balance sheet Fed transactions in the past three years.

We would have also added the phone number for the undertaker that Bernanke has picked to provide (at the taxpayers' expense) the coffin for the U.S. Dollar.

We are confident that Bernanke, who has nothing to hide, will promptly comply with this disclosure request, which, considering the vast support for HR 1207, is in effect voiced by the entire American nation.

Full Grayson and Paul letter below.