Another Decline In Registered Silver Brings Total Comex Physical To Multi-Year Lows

One would think that following the total "annihilation" (as it has already been pegged by some) in silver over the past few days, that Comex would promptly reverse its "temporary" reclassification of Registered into Eligible silver, or so the believers in Comex holdings claim. Which is why to our surprise we noticed that today, the Comex announced that the ongoing inverse reclassification from Registered into Eligible continues, with Scotia Mocatta seeing another 186 thousand ounces of physical silver moving into that dark pool known as "eligible" holdings.

This, following on the footsteps of last week's massive reclass action, which saw 20% of the Comex Registered silver being shifted away, means that today's Comex physical silver has now fallen to a fresh multi-year low of just 33.152 million ounces. Add to this the fact that there was another withdrawal of 300k ounces from Brinks, and one may wonder just how "justified" the fall in silver price has been over the past 2 days.

And for those who enjoy seeing long-term charts below, courtesy of 24 hour gold, is a long-term chart showing Registered silver inventories at the Comex. It kinda speaks for itself.


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