Berlusconi MP Caught Picking Out Hookers On iPad During No Confidence Vote

Like PM, like MP. At least in Italy they don't hide when going about their prostituing business, either on the receiving or giving end... From IBT: "A member of the Italian government led by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi was caught ogling at an escort's website on his iPad during a no-confidence debate on Wednesday. Simeone di Cagno Abbrescia, 66, was photographed checking several scantily-clad women at a time when the three-times-married MP, a member of Silvio Berlusconi's ruling centre right People of Freedom party was in the chamber to take part in a no confidence vote. The MP was more interested in checking out 'Dolly, 39' and 'Daisy' who charged £400 for three hours on his iPad." The mea culpa: it literally just popped up - "I was looking at my messages when a window opened up and I couldn't help looking at the pictures of those lovely girls. I was just being curious. Sometimes you have to be in the house even when the debates are not exciting," Telegraph quoted Simeone di Cagno Abbrescia as saying. "Sometimes these messages from girls just pop up when you are looking at your email. I have never been with an escort," Abbrescia added." What next: someone photographs Gen Ben putting in a limit buy order 1 billion ES on his iPhone version of REDI?

h/t Scrataliano