The BlackRock - Bank Of America Ownership Catch 22

It is well known that Bank of America owns 34% of BlackRock via a legacy position inherited from Merrill Lynch, arguably the most valuable part of the business. As of today, the stake is worth around $11.5 billion. Yet what may be a little less known is that BlackRock has also returned the favor, and is now the largest holder of Bank of America, owning 5.35% of the outstanding BAC shares, for a total value of $6.6 billion. Does that mean that there is a wash in there somewhere? Who cares. But one thing that certainly is involved, is a massive conflict of interest, especially in the context of litigation. And a big question mark - to claim that BlackRock is willing to impair a nearly $7 billion investment is naive. Instead, due to the incestuous nature of Wall Street, and the cross pollination of MBS holders, is today's action merely a ploy to get some of the more "impacted" parties to promptly settle and eliminate any possible future litigation? PIMCO, for one, and the FRBNY fir another, have the most to lose if the MBS crisis escalates, and if all MBS are unwound. Which means that somehow this is simply another diversion, with the real action taking place somewhere. We hope to figure it out before everyone has settled amicably and the whole fraudclosure is swept under the rug.

Bank of America Holders:

BlackRock Holders:

Source: CapitalIQ

PS: the BLK holdings are not purely index. Stripping out index contribution still hs BLK at the top, when one removes the State Street and Vanguard index contribution.