Consumer Credit Plunges In May, April Revised Much Lower, As Government Only Marginal Lender For Two Months In A Row

The latest consumer credit number continues the decline we have seen in recent months, plunging from $2424.4 billion in April to $2415.3 billion in May, a $9.1 billion decline, or 4.5% annualized, on consensus of $2.3 billion. Yet the biggest stunner was the April revision which was whacked from +$1 billion to a revised -$14.9 billion! In other words, there has been a $24 billion decline in consumer credit in the past two months. The biggest hit was, as usual, experienced by revolving credit accounts, which fell by a 10.5 annualized rate to $830.8 billion, from $838.2 billion in April, and just north of $910 billion a year earlier. The bottom line is that consumers continue to retrench as the deflationary wave gets ever bigger. And the only lender, for the second month, running, is guess who... Yet stocks, which confirm again they are now completely decoupled from facts, statistics, or reality in general, jump on this very negative development.

And guess where the only increase in May lending came from... You get one guess.