Cramer Defends His Citi Call, Says He "Has No Idea Really How Citi Is Doing"

Did You Make Money? Then It Was a Good Deal

By Jim Cramer
RealMoney Columnist
12/18/2009 9:30 AM EST

The Citigroup (C) deal was a good deal. It just wasn't good for the bank.

I was adamant the other day -- some would say rabid -- that you be in on the deal. I specifically did not want you to buy it ahead of the deal, although I am now being ridiculed -- thanks Huffington Post! -- for suggesting that I wanted you in at $3.70.

Look, I have no idea really how Citigroup is doing. That's because they don't know how it is doing. That's the biggest flaw of the joint, of course. But what does matter is that I think that worldwide GDP growth is going to be stronger than people think, and that will cure a lot of the errors of all banks, including Citigroup.

Sometimes, as I say in Getting Back to Even, bad merchandise turns into good merchandise at a price. The idea that so much supply could knock down Citigroup to where the stock traded is of ZERO interest to me. The dilution? It is manageable.

The main thing is the stupidity of the critics who keep calling it a bad deal. A bad deal is one that breaks print, not one that goes up after.

Make judgments only about whether you make or lose money. That's what you can try to control.
The rest is dross ginned up by people who need something to write or talk about.

At the time of publication, Cramer had no positions in the stocks mentioned.