Dealers Bid Up $32 Billion 3 Year Auction In Advance Of Flipping It Back To The Fed

The Treasury just priced $32 billion in 3 Year bonds (CUSIP QS2) in another "strong" auction which was dominated by Dealers who took down 55.2% of the total amount, as they prepare to flip the bulk of its right back to the Fed, just as in last month's 3 year "strong" auction which as we noted yesterday, saw half of the Dealer takedown flipped to Brian Sack in 3 weeks. The yield dropped to 0.765%, just wide of the When Issued, and the lowest since November 2010, even as the Bid To Cover came at 3.279, a touch weaker than May's 3.289, and the 4th strongest BTC in the history of the auction. Indirects came precisely in line with the LTM average of 35.6%, with the (weak) balance, or 9.2%, going to Directs. The Indirect bid was actually weaker than the take down number indicated. As Stone McCarthy points out: "the Indirect bid declined to $17.8 billion this month from $18.9 billion last month That accounted for 17.0% of the overall bid, compared to a 17.8% average over the prior year. The Indirect hit ratio was close to average, but the smaller bid still left Indirect bidders with a slightly below average 35.6% of the auction." Overall another irrelevant auction as there will be at least 3 Year targeting POMOs before the end of QE2 in 3 weeks, meaning PDs will be able to flip the full amount of the OTR they don't want back to the Fed. When it will get interesting it toward the end of June when the distribution of POMOs across the curve starts getting sparse and then ends on June 30. As usual, look for CUSIP QS3 to be the most monetized CUSIP in the next two 2014-targetting POMOs.


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