Dollar Death Bed: Aussie Beyond Parity For First Time In 28 Years

The entire world is preparing to bury the dollar in advance of tomorrow's QE2 currency suicide by the chairman. Exhibit A: the OZ dollar which is now trading north of parity for the first time in 28 years, as Australia decidedly puts its in chips in China's basket, believing that no matter how high the OZ, China will have no problem with importing its exports. A quick look at the FX heatmaps shows that while the dollar is getting shorted across the board and the EUR is surging, and making Merkel livid once again, the Yen, at least so far, is benefiting as it has again become the short currency of choice against the AUD, in the one pair that correlation traders use to determine broad market risk more than anything. Yet with a near record number of dollar shorts in existence, will the be the proverbial cover on the news day? Or, if Bill Gross is right, are we going to see a 20% plunge in the dollar beginning tomorrow? Of course, if Gross is right, he would be buying stocks on margin, not MBS. So take notice.