ES Volume: 40% Below Abysmal

Today, in what is supposed to be an original piece, the NYT suddenly discovered that the stock market is no longer relevant.... it is probably our turn to say thanks - to think of all the jeers we got when we said that nobody really cares about stocks any more back in the spring of 2010, and in the summer... and in the fall... and winter... not to mention every single other time when we demonstrate that volume in stocks is now below abysmal. But just to validate with one charts what it takes some bloggers several pages of extended narrative to convey, here is today's ES volume chart. 884k shares traded, on 1.387MM average. This is nearly 40% below average. Perhaps it is time for some more essays about just how worthless and how irrelevant the stock market is, now that only a few machines trade it. After all, the NYT sure can do with the page views... And yes, some people are rotating their decimated muni holdings into stocks. The Golden Age for the ponzi scheme is back!