European Airspace Closure Situation Getting Critical As Over 75% Of Flights Cancelled Saturday

The latest update from EuroControl confirms that ongoing European air travel closures will likely have dramatic economic consequences. According to today's update from the flight control agency expects approximately 5,000 flights to take place today in European airspace. Normally, 22,000 are expected. (17k cancelled). Airspace restrictions have impacted most Northern and Central europe, including: Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, most of France, most of Germany, Hungary, Ireland, northern Italy, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Sweden, Switzerland, Ukraine and the UK. EuroControl also notes that approximately 600 trans-Atlantic flights still take place each day, 300 in each direction. 73 flights arrived in Europe this morning. We are confident economists around the world are working furiously to estimate the GDP impact on the Eurozone as a result of this material outlier. First Easter, next Cesar Chavez day, now it is only logical that natural earth processes will be used to blame for the failings of Keynesianism.

Below is a map of the time shift of the volcanic cloud:

And here are the specific closed down airspaces:

EB Belgium 17-1800 UTC
EDGG Langen 18-0600 UTC
EDWW Bremen 18-0000 UTC
EDMM Munich 18-0000 UTC
EE Estonia 18-0000 UTC
EF Finland 18-0000 UTC
EG UK 18-0000 UTC
EH Netherlands 17-1800 UTC
EI Ireland 18-1200 UTC
EK Danmark 18-0000 UTC
EN BODO South 18-0000 UTC
EN OS 17-2200 UTC
EN SV 17-2200 UTC
EP Poland 17-1800 UTC
ES Sweden 18-0000 UTC
LD Croatia 18-0000 UTC
LE Pamplona 18-0000 UTC
LFBB France 17-2359 UTC
LFEE France 17-1800 UTC
LFFF France 17-1800 UTC
LFMM France 17-1800 UTC
LFRR France 17-1800 UTC
LH Hungary 17-1800 UTC
LIMM Milan 17-1800 UTC
LIPP Padova + LIRQ 17-1800 UTC
LJ Slovenia 18-0000 UTC
LK Chech Republic 18-0000 UTC
LO Austria 17-1800 UTC
LR Romania 17-2100 UTC
LS Swiss 17-1800 UTC
LYBA Serbia 18-0000 UTC
LZ Bratislava 18-0000 UTC
UK Ukraine 17-1500 UTC
UKVB 17-1800 UTC
UKDV ACC 17-1800 UTC
UKLV ACC 17-1800 UTC