Fed Withdraws $1.5 Billion In Liquidity Via Reverse Repo, Stocks Predictably Turn Negative

In confirmation that the market is nothing more than Fed liquidity game, the sudden drop in the S&P back to the red is driven by the just completed reverse repo. As this is the opposite of a liquidity ramp, the amount withdrawn is apparently directly impacting stocks. And today's amount was a doozy (at least by historical standards): the $1.5 billion withdrawn may well be a record for recent reverse repo operations. The $1.5 billion was roughly equally split between USTs, MBS and Agencies. The weighted rate was 0.215% on USTs, 0.226% on Agencies, and 0.237% on MBS. Total amount submitted was $3.64 billion, implying a 41% hit rate. The only thing that matters is that the Fed actively withdrew liquidity today. Should the market close red today it will be pretty clear what is going on: Monday and Wednesday: POMO days, and huge gain, Tuesday - no POMO, today: Reverser Repo (negative liquidity): market down. It is all so transparent at this point. And yes, there is a POMO tomorrow. We can't wait for the Fed to extract as much liquidity via reverse repos as it injects via POMOs - then the confusion will be total and complete as the Fed becomes a pulsating neutron star of liquidity.