The Federal Reserve Explains... The Federal Reserve In One Easy, Retard-Accessible Video

The following just released video from the Cleveland Fed, in which the Fed explains the workings of the Fed, does not need much commentary, suffice to say that it likely came to you courtesy of the production and direction talents of Goldman's PR group. It appears the video is supposed to be some form of user friendly PR approach created by the same people that gave you Enron. Alas, some of the biggest roles of the Fed are sadly unaccounted for. We leave it up to you, dear readers, to uncover just what these are but here are some suggestions: buying everything in perpetuity, keeping Goldman solvent in perpetuity, keeping the Fed's shady dealings with other Central banks and primary dealers hidden from the public's eye in perpetuity, keeping fed funds rate at (or below?) zero or below in perpetuity, etc, you get the picture.