Frontrunning: April 14

  • Market should prepare for autumn rate "exit" (Reuters)
  • In the meantime, using the diagonal curve, JP Morgan net rises 55% on fixed income, provision cut (Bloomberg, Investor Presentation)
  • CIT bond comeback sets stage for debt sale (Bloomberg)
  • Unless pension costs can be brought under control, the city may face bankruptcy (LA Times)
  • Contrarian alert: everybody hates Treasuries (Barrons)
  • German roots of Greek crisis remain (Guardian)
  • Yes 47% of households owe no taxes (NYT)
  • What special responsibilities does a large bank have (14th Banker)
  • Shinsei to suffer $1.1 billion annual loss (Reuters)
  • WaMu wasn't part of banks' inner circle, ex-CEO says (Bloomberg)
  • WaMu's Killinger - the forgotten goat (Fortune)
  • Swiss lawmakers bow to bankers urging UBS settlement (Bloomberg)
  • IMF adds weight to big bank surcharges (FT)
  • After regulating banks, lawmakers now flock to them (NYT)
  • In hindsight Geithner looks good, in foresight he doesn't (WaPo)
  • Ongoing trouble behind the NYT paywall: Pistols at dawn: Krugman v Sorkin (Salon), maybe they should both write a book about it...




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