Frontrunning: August 18

  • PPI down 0.9%, Core down 0.1%, more than forecast - Byron Wien: "most certainly last month of deflation" (Bloomberg)
  • July housing starts of 581,000 down 1.0% versus June 587,000 (Bloomberg)
  • CIT second-quarter loss narrows, posts reserves for bad loans (Bloomberg)
  • UK inflation is presumably high as booze, video game and DVD prices rise, a sure sign "recession eases" (Bloomberg)
  • Democrats urge Obama to keep government-run health-care option (Bloomberg)
  • canceled (Politico)
  • Crudele: Now's a pretty scary time to be investing in the markets (Post)
  • It's not just greed that drives top bankers (Telegraph)
  • Forsyth: Still exiled on Main Street (Barron's)
  • Guaranty bid deadline is today (Reuters)
  • Growth in "Potential GDP" shows limited potential (Hussman Funds)
  • A balancing act (Fund Strategy)
  • Weak consumer spending will last for years (Credit Writedowns)
  • The Swedish model (WaPo)
  • Lynn: Deflation theory is a lemon we have all ben sold (Bloomberg)
  • Unemployment spikes drive foreclosure (WaPo)


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