Frontrunning: February 18

  • Mergers loom as "flash crash" back in spotlight (Reuters)
  • A monetary regime for a multipolar world (FT)
  • Split in Economy Keeps Lid on Prices (WSJ)
  • Inflow of 'Hot Money' Hits $35.5 Bn (China Daily)
  • Bahrain Military Takes Control of Capital (FT)
  • Trade Judges See Flaw in China Policies (WSJ)
  • German Banks' Debt Downgraded By Moody's on Restructuring Act (Bloomberg)
  • Balls Warns King on Bank Credibility (FT)
  • Looks Like Banks Lose on Risk Plea (NYT)
  • Fed Chief Says U.S. Bolstered Its Ability to Handle Failure of a Big Bank (NYT)
  • Central Bankers Center Stage as G20 Policymakers Gather (Reuters)
  • Germany Faces Up to a Greek 'Restructuring' (Independent)
  • Fed’s Hoenig Says Farmland Boom May Be ‘Unsustainable Bubble.’  (Bloomberg)
  • Larry Kudlow: Fed, Lately a Friend of Stock Market, May Become a Foe (NY Sun)


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