Frontrunning: October 2

  • Everyone buying HFT platforms: chip sales rise 5% in August (WSJ)
  • Geithner says "Strong dollar is very important" to US (Bloomberg) too bad he is lying
  • IMF chief renews call for currency reform (FT)
  • Glorious is fifth flop in Hong Kong IPO "Massacre" (Bloomberg)
  • Banks with 20% unpaid loans at 18 year high amid recovery doubt (Bloomberg)
  • Wall Street wizardry reworks mortgages (WSJ, h/t Geoffrey)
  • For sale, cheap: "Old GM" peddles a bankrupt empire's remains (WSJ)
  • Fund managers bracing for a sell off (Business Week)
  • Cuomo got campaign cash from pension-probe figure, returned it (Bloomberg)
  • Investors in treasuries, dollars defy common sense (Bloomberg)
  • Simon Johnson: Seduced by a model (NYT, h/t Paul)
  • It was Ken Lewis who tried to bully Uncle Sam (Fox Business)
  • Krugman: Mission not accomplished (NYT), um, Paul, didn't you state the recession was over?


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