GMI Describes "The Future Recession In An Ongoing Depression" In This Must Read Report

Raoul Pal, who retired from managing money at the ripe age of 36, after co-managing GLG's Global Macro Fund, and the hedge fund sales business in equities and equity derivatives at Goldman among others, and has been publishing the attached Global Macro Report since, has just come out with the most condensed version of truth about our economic reality we have read in a long time. The attached report provides the most in depth observation on the "future recession in an ongoing depression" which is arguably the best way the describe the current economic predicament. Raoul goes all out in describing he worst recovery in history, touches on he complete disconnect between the bond world and the imaginary equity surreality, provides countless evidence the economy has not only not left the recession but is getting progressively deeper into it, shares several trade recommendations, and on occasion swear like a drunken sailor. A must read report for everyone who is sick of the CNBC/sellside daily onesided propaganda.


h/t Mike