Gold In Euros Breaks Out, As Inedible Metal Hits All Time Highs In Europe

With all the debate over which European country will default first, many are reminded that precious yellow metals, especially in physical form (and perhaps due to their inedibility), never default. This morning Europeans once again are reminded that the best performing asset in 2010, on an absolute and relative basis, continues to be gold, as EUR-denominated gold passes its all time high yet again. Luckily some of them have taken our advice over the past 2 years to move away from paper assets and into something tangible. For everyone else, may we suggest some ketchup with that semi-illegal €500 euro bill. Next up: look for a run at all European precious metal retailers and distributors just like in May and June, and more positive pricing feedback loops now that a defeated Blythe Masters is expecting her pink slip to arrive any minute.