Guest Post: Proof Of Gold Price Suppression

Adrian Douglas, board member of GATA, once again takes a long hard look at the gold market and provides evidence of gold price manipulation. His conclusions: 

  • the gold price is suppressed through fractional reserve bullion banking
  • the gold market is selling on average 45 ounces of gold for every one ounce of real physical gold via “unallocated gold” (fractional reserve bullion banking). In other words the gold market is backed by only 2.3% gold
  • The true price of physical gold is currently around $54,000/oz if fractional reserve bullion banking did not exist. In the presence of fractional reserve banking with 2.3% gold backing the market price of “gold” is reduced to $1200/oz
  • The US dollar has a purchasing power that is 45 times over valued
  • The way to end gold price suppression is for investors to ensure they have allocated physical bullion preferably held outside of the bullion banking system

The solution? Buy physical - "The sick joke of the Gold cartel is that whether you hold dollars or unallocated gold you only have 2.3% of gold backing! However, the trade of the century is to buy actual physical metal with your dollars, or if you have unallocated gold to demand physical delivery. In this way you can trade something with 2.3% gold backing for an investment that is 100% gold."

Proof Of Gold Price Suppression, Submitted by Adrian Douglas of Market Force Analysis