IMF Makes Headlines Again

Only this time not with its handling of luxury hotel staff, but with its assessment of "reality":

IMF's Blanchard says inflation is a non issue for US economy

And these are the people who continue to pretend they have any relevance? Just get done with your theatrical conclave already and phase out into irrelevance already. Luckily, the "real" IMF, China, is always in the background, willing to purchase, er, bailout any (read all) European states that need a bailout.

More from the IMF's comedy tour:

  • IMF's Blanchard says need for low US interest rates will be there for another year
  • IMF's Blanchard says US economic recovery weak, housing market to remain 'dead' for a while... but,
  • IMF's Blanchard says end of US Fed's QE2 policy would be 'minor event' for world economy

And FTW:

  • IMF's Blanchard says no country obviously overheating, including China

Sorry "The Onion." You missed your IPO window in perpetuity. Instead, we now have "The Reality."


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