Iran President Calls Bahrain Government Action Unjustifiable And Irreparable, Crude Jumps

The situation in Bahrain is going from bad to dire. Earlier, thousands of protesters marched to the Saudi embassy in the Bahraini capital, angry at the intervention of Gulf Arab forces. 1000 Saudi troops had rolled into the country at the request of Bahrain's Sunni rulers. As Reuters reports, and as Zero Hedge discussed extensively before, the troop movement could signify Saudi concern that any concessions in Bahrain might inspire the Kingdom's own Shi'ite minority. Earlier on Tuesday, the Bahrain King declared martial law as his government struggled to stop the protests. The three month state of emergency hands power over to Bahrain's security forces, which is dominated by the Sunni Muslim elite. Injured were taken to hospital as violence continued in the small Gulf island. "We came out of the tunnel and they started shooting at us and I got injured here, in the back." An opposition politician said one man was killed and several wounded in clashes with police in the Shi'ite area of Sitra. But the biggest news, that which caused crude to just jump by a dollar, is that the Iran President has called the actions by the Bahrain government "unjustifiable and irreparable." And if or rather when Iran gets involved on the basis of a religious escalation, watch out for global stagflation.


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