Janet Tavakoli On Why Meltdown Risk Now Is Greater Than It Was In 2007

One of the foremost experts on structured finance and derivatives presents a holistic overview of not only the current economic fiasco, and in 10 brief minutes with Max Keiser she provides more succinct, unbiased and relevant information that most pundits are able to convey in years on and off TV, but also highlights the bigger problem of how the administration keeps treating the US public as a bunch of stupid infants, throwing paper blankets over raging systematic fires that are anything but doused. And yet, the administration's ploy so far is successful, unfortunately speaking volumes about the intellectual rigor of the average gullible American.

Futhermore, Zero Hedge joins in endorsing Mr. Keiser's glowing recommendation of Janet's book "Dear Mr. Buffett: What An Investor Learns 1,269 Miles From Wall Street" a must read for anyone who wishes to get a deep understanding of the real severity of America's economic debacle (we receive absolutely no compensation for recommending this book).