Karl Denninger Explains Foreclosure-Gate On The Ratigan Show

Karl Denninger, who has been tracking the issue of title fraud in the mortgage space for years, was on the Dylan Ratigan show earlier, and not only provided one of the most comprehensive explanations of where we are, how we got here, and where we are going (unfortunately nowhere pleasant) to date, but also was gleefully and sarcastically rhetorical with his closing remarks: "What if we find that of these $6 trillion in securities that are out there, outstanding right now, half or more of them are defective. You put them back on the banks and they all blow up. You know what - we have a resolution authority under Frank-Dodd, how about if we use it?" We would only add that courtesy of second degree, third degree, and fourth degree leverage, as we presented yesterday, the final amount of net capital at risk, courtesy of numerous other layers of debt, will end up being far, far greater than just $3 trillion. And yes, there is a reason why the OCC keeps a track of the $233 trillion in total derivatives held by US banks.

Full clip:


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