Last Minute After Hours Dump Leaves Investors On Edge Ahead Of "Dual POMO Bail Out Monday"

Earlier we pointed out that today was trending to be one of the lowest volume days in history. A volume surge accompanying a panic dump into the close managed to pull the daily volume just barely higher than last Xmas eve (though still about 60% of last Black Friday). What is more relevant is that just after the market closed, the bottom fell out. ES closed at the lows of the day (contrary to amusing flashing and epilepsy-inducing CNBC "breaking news" propaganda stating just how much better compared to the day's low the S&P was trading at EOD) as the entire world woke up just after 1 pm realizing that Monday has that very deja vu-ish September 15, 2008 aftertaste. Not surprisingly, VIX exploded to the week's highs, well past the Korean war threats, and a 14% move in one day. And, yes, that old backstop gold, pulled a VIX. What is most relevant, is that something big is happening just behind the scenes: ZB volume explodes to 608K, while the CME Ultra Treasury volume of 349K surpasses the prior record of 237k. Monday may just be a very interesting day as faith in the bailout machinery no longer works, and the Fed's two POMOs will mark the point where Brian Sack officially jumps the shark.



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