Mark Zandi Says Jamie Dimon Would Be "Fabulous" Replacement To Geithner, Unclear On Madoff Succession Chances

There may have been those who thought that our focused mockery of Moody's head something Mark Zandi went a little too far last summer when he and other prominent Princeton proctovoodoologist Alan Blinder praised Tim Geithner's abysmal "recovery" in a desperate attempt to get an administrative job away from their respective sinking ships. Well now he have pure comedy genius to add to allegations of incompetent buffoonery. On Friday, Zandi told Yahoo's Daily Ticker that of all proposed replacements to Tim Geithner (a list which he somehow was not part of despite years of sycophantry) JPMorgan head, currently embroiled in billion dollars worth of mortgage fraud litigation, would make a "Fabulous" Treasury Secretary. That's right: the head of the bank that effectively shares its balance sheet with the Fed courtesy of being the primary shadow banking system gatekeeper as one of two tri-party repo clearers, and whose relentless printing of new bonds would necessitate round after round of QE, would make a "fabulous" treasury secretary... While we are at it, why not just get Bernie Madoff, who continues to be in jail for doing what the global financial system does each and every day, furloughed and have him run the US Treasury every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday on alternative weeks when the bimonthly refunding occurs. After all who better to lead the US Treasury than him?

From Yahoo:

Zandi names several policymakers as potential recplacements, including Fed vice chair Janet Yellen, FDIC chief Sheila Bair and former deputy Treasury Secretary Roger Altman.

But the economist seems to favor JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon, saying he'd be a "fabulous" Treasury Secretary. Dimon would be a controversial choice: while a Democrat, Dimon has been highly critical of Obama's push for greater regulation. Meanwhile, consumer advocates and left-leaning Democrats would certainly worry about his Wall Street background.

Complete tragicomedy: