Michael Pento Says Double-Dip Recession Is Now Guaranteed

As usual, Pento's TV appearance are about as contained and demure as Alan Greenspan on Ambien: "[Bernanke's statement that the economic recovery is intact] guarantees that we are going to have a double dip recession, because his track record is 100% accurate, but it is 100% accurate in the wrong direction. I look at markets and I look at economics, and since this whole rebound was derived by artifical means, why would I ever believe that we are not going into double dip recession. Should I listen to Ben Bernanke or should I listen to the price of oil which contracted from $85 to $72 a barrell in few weeks, should I listen to the 10 Year that went from 4% to 3.2% in a few weeks, should I listen to Doctor Copper that went from $3.50 a pound to $2.77 a pound: where would I want to put my allegiance with, markets or Ben Bernanke. We need to sell assets, and we need to allow the deleveraging process to consummate. We are going in a wrong direction and that's the double dip recession is virtually assured. 2008 taught us very clearly that decoupling is a dodo bird's philosophy. The US is headed down. You'll see home starts, permits, sales plummet in the next few months, that's going to add more supply to the housing market, that's going to put bank assets under duress, that's going to put their capital under duress, and that's going to help bring us into a double dip recession." Pento's asset allocation advice: high levels of cash, hide in the short-end of the Treasury curve, and own gold, precious metals and high-paying dividend commodity stocks.

When the man speaks the truth and nothing but the truth, there is little to add.

h/t Adam