More Details On What Government Shut Down Would Look Like

  • *DJ Obama Admin Says IRS Would Shut Down If Budget Not Passed
  • *DJ Obama Admin Says National Parks, Smithsonian Would Close
  • *DJ Obama Admin: Cherry Blossom Festival Wouldn't Happen If Budget Not Passed
  • *DJ Obama Admin: Roughly 800,000 Govt Employees Would Be Affected By Shutdown
  • *DJ Obama Admin: EPA Permitting Would Stop If Budget Not Passed
  • *DJ Obama Admin: Social Security Beneficiaries Would Continue To Receive Payments
  • *DJ Obama Admin: Electronic Tax Refunds, Collections Would Continue
  • *DJ Obama Admin: Military, Law Enforcement Will Continue To Function
  • *DJ Obama Admin: Military Personnel Would Earn Paychecks, But Not Receive Them Immediately
  • *DJ Obama Admin: White House Staffing Would Be Lower During Shutdown
  • *ZH: POMO will continue come rain or snow: Russell 36,000 will not be denied, US bankruptcy notwithstanding

h/t LDT


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