Must Read: Oaktree's Take On Gold - Howard Marks Discusses All That Glitters

The topic of Howard Marks' latest letter is gold. The Oaktree Chairman presents one the better comprehensive pieces on the precious metal, laying out both the pros and cons. Presenting the current broad schizophrenia when debating the value of of gold, Marks, in a comparative allegory to 1952 opinion of Noah "Soggy" Sweat on whiskey, Marks states: "I have no doubt: gold is the ideal investment"...yet..."Gold has no financial value other than that which people accord it, and thus it should have no role in a serious investment  program. Of this I’m certain." Arguably one of the better two-sided presentations on gold's true value, we are nonetheless surprised that Marks did not reference the opinion of Dylan Grice (and others before him), who analyzes the price of gold in terms of the global monterey supply, which can be read in its entirety here.  Nonetheless, as Marks is always one of the most thoughtful observers on markets, this piece is a must read for everyone.

All that glitters (pdf)