One Angry Rant: "Land Of The Stupid, Home Of The Freaking Screwed"

Zero Hedge is not a political blog. We take every opportunity to expose the hypocrisy and corruption on both sides of the aisle. Granted over the past 2 years we have seen quite a bit more of it from one side, but that has been primarily due to that one side being in control, and as always happens to whoever is in charge, screwing things up. For the most part, we try to be at least modestly picky about how we express ourselves now that politics and finance have become more intertwined than ever in history. The same can not be said about the following clip from Drinkingwithbob who appears to have said "basta" to diplomacy, and delivers one of the more memorable rants against what everyone knows to be true but few are willing to say out loud. If nothing else, it is... cathartic.