Only 177 Times More Insider Selling Than Buying In Last Week

After hitting almost 10,000 a few weeks ago, insider selling has tapered off, and in the week ended December 10 insiders only sold a meager 177 more stock than they bought. There were 10 insider purchases of S&P companies for $3.4 million (of which one $2.6 million purchase of TIE stock accounted for 75% of the total), offset by just 136 insider sales totalling $605 million. Insiders who felt particularly compelled to share in their wealth effect included executives at Campbell Soup ($84 million), CVS ($55 million), Google ($54 million), Target ($28 million), and Ameriprise ($24 million). Other insiders who are applauding the Chairman's attempt to stimulate the economy by pushing the Dow to 36,000 (and the price per gallon to $360) included those working for Amazon, Salesforce, Freeport McMoRan, Stabucks, AvalonBay, and another 126 companies. Luckily, there is more than enough HFT buying interest to levitate said stocks into these major offers and offset any selling pressure. In the last 3 months alone insiders have sold just under $10 billion once again confirming just who it is that is benefiting the most from the Chairman's experimentation in monetary lunacy.

Source: Bloomberg


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