Police State | SWAT Team Breaks Down Door, Detains Man for Wife’s Defaulted Student Loans



Has it come to this?

Dept. of Education breaks down Stockton mans door

STOCKTON, CA - Kenneth Wright does not have a criminal record and he had no reason to believe a S.W.A.T team would be breaking down his door at 6 a.m. on Tuesday.

"I look out of my window and I see 15 police officers," Wright said.

Wright came downstairs in his boxer shorts as a S.W.A.T team barged through his front door. Wright said an officer grabbed him by the neck and led him outside on his front lawn.

"He had his knee on my back and I had no idea why they were there," Wright said.

According to Wright, officers also woke his three young children ages 3, 7, and 11 and put them in a Stockton police patrol car with him. Officers then searched his house.

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And they weren't even there for him...

The U.S. Department of Education issued the search and called in the S.W.A.T for his wife's defaulted student loans.

We are in real trouble here folks.

I am afraid that we are beyond the point of return...



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