Pulling All Stops To Force A Melt Up: SPY Hard To Borrow Again

It seems like it was just a year ago when we noted the first instance of SPY becoming hard to borrow. Well, it was. To wit, from April 22, 2009:

Developing story: Traders confirm several locations indicating SPDRs are no longer automatic borrow and have made their way to the Hard To Borrow list: pre-borrow call is needed versus automatic short prior, as not enough underlying inventory.

Have fun hedging the market when you can not short. Wholesale market squeeze is being orchestrated.

We just obtained confirmation that anyone who clears through Merrill Prime is getting a Hard To Borrow notification for the SPY once again. And so State Street and the BoNY guys come out guns blazing once again, to make sure it is impossible to short the market on today's Fed day. What is it with the market and HTB lists in April? At least market neutral funds are having a field day as they are forced to unwind in droves.