Radiation Reaches California

After travelling in the first class confines of the Gulf/Jetstream for the past 3 days, the Fukushima radiation has finally reached California. This happens just as The Hill reports Obama has oredered a full review of all US nuclear power plants. Look for the nuclear pair trade to become all the rage in the next week.

From Reuters:

Very low concentrations of radioactive particles believed to have come from Japan's Fukushima nuclear power plant have been detected on the U.S. west coast, diplomatic sources said on Friday.

The level of radiation was far too low to cause any harm to humans, they said.

One diplomat, citing information from a network of international monitoring stations, described the material as "ever so slight" and consisting of only a few particles.

"It is very low level," another source in Vienna said.

Until it isn't. Any since when are diplomats nuclear power experts?