Saudi Stock Market Drops 7%, As Saudi CDS Hit 140 bps

While US stock futures continue to be obstinately high capitalizing on the last remaining shreds of a confirmation bias out of formerly strong European economy from the time when the EUR was still low, and with the US economy failing to pick up the world slack even with the dollar at 4 month high the hangover sure to set in any minute (and the oil price certainly not helping), perhaps the only true indication of risk is being represented by the local MENA stock markets, of which the Saudi is currently the best example (after Egypt's stock market opening planned for today, was once again delayed). At last check the TADAWUL was down over 7% and the trend is certainly not your friend, while Saudi CDS was the biggest widener this morning per CMA, hitting 140 bps. The wildcards at this point are Iran and Syria, the first of which will see any push into Bahrain as a religious provocation, while the latter is a host to a brand spanking new Russian navy base. If any of these two see some media prominence in the next 48 hours, look for today's slide to continue.


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