Silver Backwardation Doubles Overnight

Yesterday we correctly predicted that the entire 10% silver correction would be momentarily taken out as the Comex news is properly digested. And so it continues - as silver is once again pennies away from $50 and a fresh new nominal all time high, we take a quick look at the futures curve where as expected the backwardation is confirming the "negative convexity" (yes, yes, we know silver is not a duration security) once the $50 stops are taken out will send silver surging to unseen before levels (which also considering it will be at a new record over $50 is pretty much intuitive). In the meantime, the chart below is the worst nightmare of anyone still holding short silver positions. While the near-far contract backwardation was about $0.75 yesterday, it has since doubled in less than 24 hours. We can't wait to see what surprising nuggets the Comex will bring us today.

And 5 day silver chart: