SLV Silver Holdings Jump 3% From 2011 Lows

One of the most pronounced self-reinforcing features of the silver drop from the last two days, was the outright drop in silver holdings in the SLV ETF, which in the span of 5 days, from May 2 to May 6, lost 760 tonnes of silver. The sheer momentum of this move, as some claim, was the biggest factor facilitating the record rout in silver. Well, as of yesterday this trend has reversed itself, and as of close yesterday SLV has disclosed that it added 311 tonnes of silver, or nearly half the underlying amount lost in the selloff. Nonetheless, the overreaction within the SLV complex was massive, as while silver spot remained well above 2011 lows, the SLV ETF holdings actually plunged to a 2011 low level which had last been seen in November 2010. And with silver rising fast again this morning, printing at $38.50 as we type, look for the downward momentum, which so many eagerly pointed to to indicate the relentless nature of the rout, to reverse itself. Add to this the fact that non-commercial specs are at multi year lows, and very soon the only possible argument for the bubble claimants will be that all silver has merely rotated out of very weak hands into truly strong ones.


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