Spain Auctions Off €2.999 Billion 15 Year Issue Above 5% Yield

The just completed auction of Spanish 2025 Obligacions for just under €3 billion, came at a 5.116% yield, a substantially worse level than the last auction as of April 22, which was placed at 4.434%. The only redeeming feature was that the bid to cover increased from the prior 1.79 to 2.575, after €7.722 billion worth of bids noted an interest. Somehow we get the feeling the ECB has been busy this time around, as have been the Chinese, which were instrumental in last week's 10 Year auction. According to Market News, "Spain is "very confident" it will meet its forthcoming July redemption payments, given its cash position at the Bank of Spain." Furthermore, tax receipts are running in line with  expectations, adding to the positive feeling. This is all wonderful, and occurs on the back of a just released Barclays report which (to be posted shortly), which notes that Spanish Cajas alone will likely require €36.2 billion euros to plug a capital shortfall. Luckily the ECB and China are more than happy to keep providing the funds necessary to plug this hole, which upon third, fourth and fifth reestimations will likely end up being one zero short of the true capital deficiency.