Stunner: 12th Sequential Domestic Equity Outflow (And $11 Billion In July Alone) Invalidates Volumeless July Stock Surge

The latest update from ICI is a doozy: in the week ended July 21, domestic equity mutual funds saw a 12th sequential outflow of $1.5 billion. Even as the market has surged 10% in the last three weeks, just under $10 billion have been redeemed from mutual funds, completely invalidating the move and further justifying the skeptics who see absolutely no reflection to reality in the volumeless ramp orchestrated by a few momentum HFTs and a couple of Primary Dealers with some excess leftover Discount Window change. Not to mention that 12 weeks in a row of outflows pretty much marks game over as far as retail participation is concerned in stocks. Regardless of what the market does, where it close, how high it ramps, etc, retail just pulls money indiscriminately from the market, without any regards for what the fraudulent and fabricated current level of the DJIA may be: all mom and pop just want is to get the hell out of stocks stat and get into fixed income. The market is now completely disconnected from fund flows, and the only thing potentially keeping it in the stratosphere in addition to deranged binary concoctions are various "self-fulfilling prophecy" high gamma ETFs, which continue to push stocks away from fair value to the tune of several standard deviations. However, just like on May 6, the rubberband will, sooner or later, snap, and make May 6 seem like a dress rehearsal.

While technical difficulties prevent us from posting the latest Domestic mutual fund flow-SPY chart, below we have recreated last week's  - fell free to use your imagination and fill the July 21 data point.