“Slowly and silently the ghost came nearer. It was very tall and wore a deep black piece of clothing, which covered its whole body and left nothing of it visible but one outstretched hand holding a stinking cigar stub.

Are you the Ghost of Crashes Yet to Come?” asked E-Benron Scrooge, “I fear you more than any other spirit.”

The ghost did not say a word, and Scrooge was really scared.

They wandered through lower Manhattan and Scrooge heard some men talking about a Central Banksta who had jumped. E-Benron knew the men and wanted to find out, whom they were talking about. But the spirit moved on.

They next stopped in a swanky uptown area where many pinstriped thieves and liars lived. They had stolen things with them and made fun of the person who once owned those things. “Ha, ha!” laughed a woman, “He threw everyones money out of the chopper when he was alive, to profit us even more when he was gone! Ha, ha, ha!”

After that, the ghost led Scrooge through streets that were familiar to him; and as they went along, E-Benron Scrooge looked here and there to find himself, but nowhere was he to be seen.

They entered poor poor poor Hank Paulsen's penthouse and found the mother and the Paulsen spawn browsing Zero Hedge. Quiet. Very quiet. The noisy Paulsens were as still as statues. When Hank came in, the children hurried to greet him. Then two young Paulsens got upon his knees and laid their little cheeks against his face as if to say, “Don’t mind it, father. Don’t be sad.”

“You went to Maiden Lane today?” said his wife.

“Yes, my dear,” returned Hank. “I wish you could have gone. It would have you good to see how well guarded the place is.

But you’ll see it annually. I promised him that we would walk there every April Fools Day in his honor.

My little, little Timmah.” cried Hank. “My little captive moron.”

He broke down in tears. He couldn’t help it. If he could have helped it, he and his Banksta loving protege would have been farther apart perhaps than they were.

The ghost moved on and took E-Benron Scrooge to a churchyard. The spirit stood among the graves and pointed down to one. E-Benron Scrooge slowly went towards it and following the ghost’s finger read upon the stone "The Great E-Benron Bubble of QE2".

“Spirit!” E-Benron cried, “hear me. I am not the Keynesian fool I was! I will not be the Central Banksta I must have been so far! Why show me this if I am past all hope? Good Spirit, I will honour austerity in my heart, and try to keep it all the year. I will live in the past, the present, and the future. The spirits of all three shall be within me. I will not ignore the lessons that they teach. Oh, tell me that I may change my fate so I may adorn the cover of Time Magazine yet again!”

Full of fear, Scrooge caught the spirit’s hand. But the spirit suddenly changed – it shrunk and faded and finally turned into a giant foreclosure sign post...

And the calendar said December 25, 2010.....