Surge In European Bank Rush To Safety Brings ECB Deposit Facility Holdings To Fresh €384 Billion Record

Even as Goldman is urgently forcing a EURUSD squeeze following its last week target revision lower to 1.15 (just as predicted on Zero Hedge), in an attempt to shake out the latest batch of weak hands (aka clients) in the second highest EURUSD net short position last week, forcing all correlation desks to bid up all risky assets and pretend all is good, Europe liquidity is now even more frozen than ever before. While earlier reports from the FAZ that Spain is next in line for the EU/IMF rescue facility may or may not be true (very likely the former, but no confirmation will be provided until after the fact), looking at the ECB's deposit facility usage paints a grim picture: usage increased by $18.4 billion through the weekend, and was at an all time high €384 billion: European banks have put aside nearly half a trillion dollars away due to concerns about counterparty risk. For those still confused why this data series indicates that the FV of the EURUSD is likely close to or at parity, the topic of the ECB's deposit facility usage was covered exhaustively by Bloomberg overnight in "Europe's Banks May Face Second Funding Squeeze Amid Sovereign-Debt Crisis."