Today's Dose Of "Crop Circle" Quote Stuffing Algos Focuses On V, DUG And TRN

Now that nobody is left to trade except the Fed, the Primary Dealers and a few semi-sentient computers (and yes, be very afraid of Flash Crash like volatility to celebreate the second coming of Bernanke's Liberty 33 central planning committee), here is the daily quota of milisecond quote stuffing algorithms, focusing on V, DUG and TRN, from Nanex.

NASDAQ "Continental Crust", Symbol V.
2000 quotes in 1 second, alternating the AskSize in a 4 step up-up-down-down sequence, effecting the BBO along the way.

NASDAQ "Power Line", Symbol DUG.
Another nice 4 step repeater, this time from NASDAQ running at approx. 400 quotes per second and effecting the BBO along the way.
See Power Line 2 for a zoom out of the sequence.

Zoomed out view of the 4-step sequence in "Power Line".

NASDAQ "Blue Thicket", Symbol TRN.
A nice 4 step repeater from BATS running at 1,000 quotes per second.
See "Blue Thicket 2" for a close up of the sequence.