Tristane Banon To File Legal Complaint Against DSK In France

While the legal case against DSK in New York may be ending shortly, a new one, and possibly the first of many if the man's reputation as a womanizer is indeed valid, is about to be launched against him in France. From Reuters: French writer Tristane Banon will file a legal complaint on Tuesday over an alleged rape attempt by former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn in 2002, her lawyer told Reuters. David Koubbi, Banon's attorney, said the complaint would relate to an incident that took place when she went to interview Strauss-Kahn in an apartment in Paris. She was 22 at the time and has already publically discussed the incident. "Tristane Banon will file a complaint on Tuesday for attempted rape in Paris," Koubbi said." It is unclear if the case will be civil or criminal although considering statuse on limitations on these kinds of things for a criminal trial is hardly 9+ years, we are confident the weakest for of allegation against DSK will be filed. Of course, this is to be expected when one waits 9 years to actually lodge a complaint against something that should have been brough to the authorities' attention immediately.


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