US Military Releases Official Investigation Results Relating To Wikileaks Iraq Massacre Video

The US Military issues its official retort to the Wikileaks video. Here are the official US Army recommendations based on that episode:

I ratify the appointment of the investigating officer, MAJ [Blanked out]

The recommendation that:

-(10a) Members of the press be encouraged or required to wear identifying vests or distinctive body armor within the MND-B AOR is (approved) (disapproved) (remanded to the BCT Cdr).

-(10b) Coalition Forces be notified when members of the press are operating in their AORs is (approved) (disapproved) (remanded to the BCT Cdr).

-(10c) Condolence payments be made to families of the two children wounded in this engagement is (approved) (disapproved) (remanded to the BCT Cdr).

I remand the matter to the 2/2ID Cdr for appropriate action.

Full report attached. The actual narrative begins on page 11 of 43.



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