Visualizing The Bond Bubble Inflows

Kurt Brouwer highlights something that may substantiate the claims of those who claim there is a treasury bubble in the forming. Using the suddenly all too popular ICI data (which we have been presenting for well over a year), JPMorgan has tallied the total flows into stocks in advance of the tech bubble (April 1998 through March 2000) and compared it to the period since the Lehman collapse (July 2008 through June 2010), the result is surprising: there has been over $50 billion more allocated to bonds in the past 2 year period ($476 billion), than to stocks in advance of the biggest market bubble pop before the housing/credit bubble popped in 2007/8. Is this indicative of anything more than just everyone going on the same side of the trade? Not at all, however even that in itself should be sufficient for bond bulls to reconsider pushing every last cent of capital into what at least on the surface has all the makings of a an even bigger bubble than tech stocks in 2000.

full JPM presentation