Who Will Be The First To Decrypt The Wikileaks "Insurance" File

With Julian Assange's arrest now seen by many to be a matter of days if not hours, it seems that the Wikileaks founder has taken some modest retaliation precautions, primarily along the lines of the infamous "letter in the mail should something happen to me." Using Bit Torrent, Wikileaks has distributed an "insurance" file, which however is encrypted, and the contents of which are unknown, although may possibly contain at least some of the infamous BofA incriminating selection. It is very possible that Wikileaks will release the encryption code upon Assange's arrest. That said, the insurance file, which can be downloaded from Pirate Bay at the following link, is merely 1.4 GB, and far less than the expected 5 GB which the BofA data is supposed to contain. Since Zero Hedge is read by quite a few hackers, we would like to extend the challenge to all to find the proper key to decrypt the insurance file and spill its contents to the general public.

More from MSNBC:

An "insurance" file has been downloaded from the WikiLeaks site by tens of thousand of supporters, the newspaper reported, meant to trigger a deluge of national and commercial secrets if Assange's activites are curtailed.

Computer experts interviewed by the newspaper said it was unlikely that the U.S. could defeat the encryption in the files. The Sunday Times reported that the U.S. Defense Department said it was aware of the insurance file, which has been available for download since July.

The insurance file seems meant as a threat to governments that would attempt to stop Assange from releasing even more documents — or at least to ensure that the material could be released in the event that WikiLeaks is driven offline or Assange is arrested.

And some more from German website dnews.de, google translated:

These documents should include names of spies, informers, terrorists and dissidents, as well as many other "explosive information". The difference from the published documents at the beginning of this week is that this information has not been edited by English newspaper editors.

As the Dutch daily newspaper De Telegraaf writes, documents bomb had informed Interpol about the threat. The malicious file is 1.4 GB in size and is called insurance.aes256. Any Internet users can now download the file but not read, because it is the most powerful encryption program AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) with secured. The AES is a stronger encryption program, which the U.S. authorities use it as says the Telegraaf. The key is to then give if Julian Assange had been arrested.

Once again, for all with bittorrent client access, the wikileaks insurance file can be downloaded here.