Wikileaks Loses Website

And an update from Reuters: " ceases hosting services for WikiLeaks website -Senator Lieberman" and  "DHS says Amazon has agreed to stop hosting WikiLeaks." Game Over

It seems the days of Wikileaks are over. The Associated Press reports that the website appears to have lost its host. The question now is who will be the next Wikileaks.

The website of WikiLeaks, the organization that just released a trove of sensitive U.S. State Department documents, appears to have lost or left its main Web host,

The main website and a sub-site devoted to the diplomatic documents were unavailable from the U.S. and Europe on Wednesday, as Amazon servers refused to acknowledge requests for data.

Availability of the sites has been spotty since Sunday, when it started to come under a series of Internet-based attacks by unknown hackers. WikiLeaks dealt with the attacks in part by moving to servers run by Amazon Web Services, which is self-service. Inc. would not comment on its relationship with WikiLeaks or whether it forced the site to leave. Messages seeking comment from WikiLeaks were not immediately returned.

Below are the Wikileak mirror pages. So far we can't seem to access any of them:

Real mirrors on different IP Addresses

  • - Mirror hosted in Switzerland []
  • - Mirror hosted in Sweden []
  • - Mirror hosted in the United States []

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